Links Aerification Plus offers a complete Aerification service for the Golf Course or Athletic Field. From shallow core Aerification to Deep Tine Aerification, we will cover all your Aerifcation needs using top quality equipment.

Links Aerification Plus provides custom services for Golf Courses and Athletic Fields

  • Fairways
  • Greens
  • Tees
  • Practice Greens
  • Football Fields
  • Baseball/ Softball Fields
  • Fields Hockey
  • Soccer

Fairways - Core and Solid Tine Aerification on 20 plus acres a day.


Greens Deep Tine Core and Solid Tine Aerification on 18,000 Square Feet per hour


Tees - Core and Solid Tine Aerification



For golf course fairways there are usually 3 types of choices:

  • Solid tine of up to 4-5 inches
  • Coring Tine which pulls plugs and thatch for up to 4-5 inches
  • Deep tine which can penetrate anywhere from 5-14 inches (depending on soil conditions)

With greens and tees you are provided a better and more abundant choice.

  • Deep Tine at a depth of 5-14 inches
  • Walking greens aerator with plugging tines, or solid tines
  • Needle point type of tine on greens if you want the holes to heal up faster


                      Hollow Tines                                                            Coring Tines                                         

Types of Aerification


 Deep Tine Aerification

                                               Coring Aerification
                                                                                          Solid Tine Aerification